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    Xiangxue Isatis Root Granule
    Recorded in Shen Nong's Herbal Classic for "Clearing Heat and Removing Toxicity".
    The medicinal parts of the Isatis Root, functionally similar to those in the Isatis Left, enters from the stomach (orally) to clear the body of heat and detoxify the blood stream, effective in preventing cold and flu.
    • GAP Plantations
      GAP Plantations
      GAP Plantations
      • All our Medicinal herbs comes from Xiangxue's Ningxia GAP Plantation.
      • Adopted European Pharmacopoeia's Quality Control Standards to ensure no pesticide residues, no heavy metals, no harmful elements, no mycotoxins and endogenous toxic and harmful ingredients.
    • International Approval
      International Approval
      International Approval
      • Obtained MHRA(UK food and drug administration) drug approval
      • Obtained International Registration and Market Approval (Health Canada) as Chinese Patent Medicine
    Well Known and Cherished Xiangxue Isatis Root
    Fully Enclosed Production and Extraction Technology | Quality Assurance in Excess of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Standards | First Chinese Innovation and Research of Drying Preparation Technology

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