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    Modernized Drug from Ancient Prescriptions
    The prescription comes from Song Dynasty's  ancient Erchen Decoction in《Research on Compatibility of Tonic Formulae in Prescriptions of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary》Medical Journal that utilizes the Exocarpium Citri Grandis herb from the local Lingnan area. 
    Well known for treament of Cough and Nasal Congestion, Phlegm, Cold, Bronchiltis, and Pharynogolaryngitis.
    • Huazhou Citri Grandis, the
      Huazhou Citri Grandis, the
      Huazhou Citri Grandis, the
      • The Huazhou Orange/Pomelo Peel has an densely hairy outer peel that is distinctively different from the smooth and hairless regular pomelo peels.
      • Named one of the four precious medicinal herbs of the Guangdong Province.
      • First TCM Herb protected under Legislation in Guangdong.
    • Grown in Local GAP Plantations
      Grown in Local GAP Plantations
      Grown in Local GAP Plantations
      • Guangdong Province's AAAAA grade TCM Herbal Plantation.
      • Top quality production envirnment using green & ecological soil, no pesticides, and no heavy metals.
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